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Jonathan P. wrote:
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>>>Every introduction to continuations I've found either describes it using 
>>>Scheme, which I haven't touched in a decade, and which I suspect most 
>>>people haven't worked with at all, or re-uses the above Python example 
>>>with little explanation.
>>In Scheme, it is easier to express, and you don't need
>>tricks like above.
>>While Python doesn't need continuations.
>>Stackless focuses on tasklets and channels, now.
> I finally understood how continuations worked when I
> spent a couple of days working with some examples in 
> Scheme.  Nathaniel Gray's, "A Tutorial on Continuations" 
> does a great job of demystifying it.  Once I understood
> how they worked, I found it really wasn't as arcane
> as the impression I first got.  The closest analogy
> I could think is that of a bookmark (in execution).

Not too bad!
Note that you can continue that bookmark infinite
times, at the same time.
This exactly is what I've abandoned now.
It is extremely confusing, and hard to implement.

ciao - chris

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