Source Forge CVS

Jonathan Ellis ellisjb at
Sun Jan 5 17:35:47 CET 2003

"Justin Shaw" <wyojustin at> wrote in message news:<8amcnSAFceW664qjXTWcpQ at>...
> I have a project set up on source forge, SpellQuest,  I need to set up the
> CVS repository.  Can someone tell me how to do it from Windows or Linux.
> The Sourceforge how to tells you to "log into the CVS server"  what is that?
> Is it different from  I'd appreciate the set by step
> commands if anyone can fill them in for me.

kind of a meta-answer: the best cvs front-end for windows (or linux,
for that matter) is smartcvs.  the free version is quite good, and if
you want the extra features in the payware version it's quite


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