Warning! Newbie issue - Impersonating a user on Win32

Doug Glenn dglenn at charter.net
Wed Jan 15 23:42:17 CET 2003

On Wednesday 15 January 2003 12:01, Doug Glenn wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have run into a roadblock and I cannot figure it out :(
> A portion of the following code came from the Python
> cookbook. That code followed verbatim gives me a
> Exception: pywintypes.api_error (1314, 'LogonUser', 'A
> required privilege is not held by the client.'). Poking

Slack of me, but the first section is a list of arguments to 

And by doing a search on this newsgroup, this is the not the first time 
this particular script has come up for scrutiny... but the previous 
posts did not have a fix either listed.

So am I out of luck?


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