xforms (W3C) intepreter in Python?

Brad Clements bkc at Murkworks.com
Thu Jan 30 16:03:39 CET 2003

I've been playing the DHTML, XML-RPC & Zope game for 2 years now, and am
ready to move on to something more cross platform and robust.

For data entry, I've been looking at xforms (the W3C standard, not the Linux
frame buffer gui).

I like the idea of Xforms, and would like to tinker with an xforms
"interpreter" that could support "bolt-on" GUI's. I don't want to be tied to
just wxPython, Swing (via Jython) or even win32gui.

Anyone else looking at xforms?

I'd like the "interpreter" to run in CPython and Jython, and be abstract
enough to support any gui.

I'm soliciting comments.

Novell DeveloperNet Sysop #5


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