LDAP -- is python-ldap still "it"?

Karl A. Krueger kkrueger at example.edu
Tue Jan 7 21:36:01 CET 2003

We're looking down the barrel of an overhaul of site LDAP service, and
it looks like I will be assigned to write a certain amount of code that
manipulates and allows editing of LDAP records ... up to and likely
including a Web-based LDAP record editor, likely in Python.

I've used the python-ldap package in the past, and I'm wondering if this
is still the way to go for LDAP manipulation from Python -- if there are
other LDAP client libraries for Python I haven't found, for one.  (I'm a
little curious why there isn't LDAP in the standard library, but I
suppose that's just because there isn't yet.)

Thanks in advance for any advice ...

Karl A. Krueger <kkrueger at example.edu>
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
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