Best Python Editor (under Linux)

Dominic oblivious at
Sat Jan 4 12:40:29 CET 2003

> One thing i noticed when teaching newbies with emacs: it's possible to do
> much damage with 2 or 3 keystrokes. But of course, we are not comparing

> emacs to vim; it took me about 10 years to recover from my initial
> shock-horror reaction to vi, but now i use it (well, vim) all the time :) .
Same with me. But it took me not ten years but only a few.
Currently I make gvim behave somewhat more like an average editor 
(Ctrl-S saves without leaving editing mode)
Syntax highlighting looks like in IDLE (though I messed up some files
in /usr/local/share/vim... etc to get rid of the bold font faces,since
colorschemes did not seem to override them..:( )
but I have not figured out yet how to integrate python similar to the 
C-compiler and make support.
I think it is even possible to limit vim to editing mode so that it
can be used like an average point-and-click editor.


> bye,
> Simon Burton

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