Outlook Express and COM

John E. Barham jbarham at jbarham.com
Wed Jan 22 01:21:18 CET 2003

I'm developing a server-side Bayesian spam-filtering system and would like
to pre-train the filter using my potential users' existing mailboxes, many
of whom will be using Outlook Express (i.e., switching to a Unix MUA is not
an option...).  I'd like to scan through their address books to build a
white-list and through their emails to build a dictionary of "ham" tokens.
Does OE provide COM interfaces to do this?  It would be especially nice if
it provided a pre-parsed interface to emails so that I could avoid parsing
raw RFC 822 messages or messing w/ DBX mailboxes.

Apologies as this is somewhat off-topic, but if there does exist an OE COM
interface I could develop a prototype in Python w/ the Win32 extensions and
the final app in C++.



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