lots of similar classes?

boncelet boncelet at udel.edu
Mon Jan 20 15:37:06 CET 2003

I want to create lots of similar classes and wonder what's the
best/most efficient way.

Pseudo-code looks like this:

class Super:
  def __init__(self,name,lots_of_other_arguments):
    <<set rest of arguments, etc>>

class A(Super):
  def __init__(self,name='a',lots_of_other_arguments):

There will be lots of these, eg., A, B, C etc. Most of these will
differ only in the name argument.  In a few, I might want to use only
a subset of the "other arguments".

My problem is rewriting the "lot_of_other_arguments" over and over
again seems wasteful, error-prone, and fragile.  Is there a better

  Charlie Boncelet <boncelet at udel.edu>

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