slow loop?

maney at maney at
Thu Jan 16 20:01:12 CET 2003

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:
> maney at wrote:
>> for l in someFile.xreadlines():
>>     fields = csv.split(l)
>>     ...
> I haven't reviewed the code, but with the above line driving it, it 
> doesn't seem likely it can handle any lines with embedded newlines,
> which can easily occur in a CSV file (at least, those written by Excel
> for one).

Interesting.  Because mmost of what I'm parsing comes from Excel
spreadsheets.  Perhaps its because I use OpenOffice to dump them to
CSV - at least IME it does a better job of not dumping unwanted empty
columns.  Oh well, I know where I can get a more Excel-compatible
parser if I need it, though having to get that installed everywhere
will be a nuisance.

> Might be great for some people though.  Nice and simple.

That's me.  Why, I invented "do the simplest thing" *decades* before
those gen-X folks came along!  <really big grin>

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