Python extension for MANAGED C++ with VC.NET

Chetan Gadgil pangalactic at
Mon Jan 20 08:36:30 CET 2003


Is anyone working on the above?
I had started work on a library I called PyCLR - a module using Mark
Hammond's win32all, but later discovered that Mark had already done
something similar for Python.NET, but was not too happy with the results.

I have started on VC.NET with managed c++ and have "managed" (no silly pun
intended :)) to load an extension module into Python and call into Managed

Potentially, now I should be able to call any .NET assemblies from native
python, without going through COM.

However, I was curious if anyone is already working on those lines,
otherwise I might just be wasting my time.

If not, I intend to make the .NET extension module available under the
Python license, once my module is in a reasonably decent shape.

I tried using the "boost" library in managed C++ for python - it compiles,
but I get all sorts of assertion errors at runtime. Obviously, I need to
change lots of things for the managed/unmanaged C++ mix.
So I am doing it in "raw" C/C++ (managed/unmanaged).

If any of us who have already tried this, have any
comments/suggestions/advice, they are welcome to do so here.

As a side note - has anything changed in extension modules in Python 2.3a? I
tried exactly the same Managed C++ module that worked with Python 2.2.2
release - did not work on 2.3a. (2.2.2 does not compile on VC.NET without
some hacks for some obsolete macros - Looks like Mark Hammond has already
checked them in post 2.2.2 ...)

Chetan Gadgil

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