Best Python Editor (under Linux)

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Jan 3 15:15:54 CET 2003

Martin Christensen wrote:
> You will do yourself a tremendous favour by familiarising yourself
> with one of the two major Unix editors: Emacs and vi. When I say
> 'familiarise' I naturally mean 'live it, breathe it, freely neglect
> your friends and family to learn its intricacies, sleep with several
> manuals under your pillow (though neck pain may follow) and never rest
> until your native language seems less natural to you than the editor's
> scripting language'. 

A *very* good description of what must surely constitute a terrible
design, that one might actually have to "learn intricacies" and 
read *manuals* in order to understand how to use a text editor.

> They're immensely powerful editors, and after
> learning one, going back to a 'plain' text editor will just feel like
> crawling.

I'm sure they are highly effective for some people.  Not everyone
has need of such a large slate of features.  In fact, over the years
I've found I rely on fewer and fewer special functions in my editors,
and at this point I am so independent of any specific editor that I
find myself roughly as productive in any modern editor, using the tiny
subset of its features that I do, and yet more productive (because of
my approach to programming) than many other programmers.


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