BDE mit Python?

WP warrenpstma at
Mon Jan 27 16:07:41 CET 2003

Ingo Linkweiler wrote:
> Ist es möglich, mit Python auf eine Borland Datenbank (BDE) zuzugreifen?
> Welche Module kann ich dafür verwenden?
> Ingo
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Using the BDE in Python would be similar to trying to use JDBC from 
Python.  The question that comes to me is "Why would you ever want to?"

If you want to read DBASE or Paradox files (the usual suspects for BDE 
local databases) then you should be asking how
to read the dbf or paradox file format in Python.

If you're talking about an SQL database that you want to connect to,
try going direct. What database do you want to connect to.


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