Python web development, really

Jon Ribbens jon+usenet at
Mon Jan 20 20:13:22 CET 2003

In article <j9bo2v0lo0qfngcfpqc3ooj0bo881lhuuh at>, Afanasiy wrote:
> * be as fast or faster than apache+php

You want to use FastCGI ( or mod_python
( then I should imagine.

> * provide a fairly equivalent framework w/ sessions, cookies, get, post

Personally I would recommend , but then I would ;-)

This allows you to write your code easily using an object-oriented
system, and means that it will work unchanged if your application is
being called via CGI or FastCGI or mod_python. There is also a nice
templating system if you want to use it.

jonpy together with the facilities already provided by a normal Python
install provides everything on your list, I think. You already found
Paul Boddie's list of other frameworks, so you know the alternatives
too ;-)

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