Win32 Drive List Redux

Tim Daneliuk tundra at
Fri Jan 3 17:30:10 CET 2003

R.Marquez wrote:
> Why not use Py2Exe to convert your app into a stand alone exe.  It
> creates a subfolder containing a PythonXX.dll and all the other files
> needed for your app to run.  Then you could create a nice litle self
> installer with something like Inno Setup
> (, and distribute it to your
> heart's content. :)
> -Ruben 

The thought crossed my mind, and I may yet end up going that route,
but that is gonna make one big distribution file.  It sort of bugs
me that I have to distribute 100s of K or even Megs of files to
run a 55K script ... ;)

Tim Daneliuk
tundra at

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