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Will Stuyvesant hwlgw at
Sat Jan 18 17:09:19 CET 2003

My Internet Service Provider (ISP) has Python 1.5.2, so I have to do
all CGI scripting in Python 1.5.2.  They do *not* want to upgrade the
Python version and they do not want to talk about it anymore, so I am
looking for another ISP.  They do not listen to me because I am not
important.  But at least they have shell access and CGI and Python.

The purpose of this posting is to collect a list of ISPs without
Python or with very old versions.  And especially collecting a list of
"important" people who could persuade the ISPs to do something about
it.  Are there any important people out here on comp.lang.python? 
After the list grows we could put it somewhere "important" on the

What amazes me is that python is at and sourceforge has python 1.5
installed for your CGI scripting.  I could send an email about this
but guess what.  Can one of the more well known Python core dev people
do something about that?  Ask them politely?

Add your ISP to the list below and maybe we can do something about
these situations?


                                    Influential people there
Python CGI version  ISP             who like Python
------------------  --------------  ----------------------------------

None                AOL             ? (not me)
1.5                 sourceforge     Guido van Rossum?  Tim Peters?
                                    Eric Raymond?  Larry Wall?


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