comments inside blocks

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Fri Jan 3 11:34:19 CET 2003

Peter Hansen wrote:
> P_spam_ at wrote:
>>Well it also folds if there is any amount of whitespace
>>between the block and the comment. I.E.
>>for i in range(10):
>>     print i
>>#comment nothing to do with for
>>def fn():
>>     print "fn"
> Okay, good point.  Remember though, that this is also valid
> Python:
> for i in range(10):
>     print i
> # if we make it to the end, do this
> else:
>     print 'loop completed normally!'

well the else (same level) is never folded along with the for

> I'm afraid you probably can't get the behaviour you want without a lot
> more logic than the program currently has.  It might be doable, but 
> not easy...

I think it would be easy to say once anything appears at
the same level then stop folding? (except when brackets are involved..
hmm this seems broken also (I'll expand below)).


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