Python use growing or shrinking

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Wed Jan 22 04:46:39 CET 2003

somehow use of python in corporate domains is still limited. Worst still
among the tech managers many havn't heard of python. awareness about python
needs to grow

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> Greg Brunet wrote:
> > Just as a point of information, I was reading this article about Java
> > and the recent ruling that MS must include it in Windows & .NET
> > ( It
> > had a link to this site ( which ranks
> > Python as a "B" status language with declining popularity.
> >
> > There's only a general discussion of their methodology, and I'm not
> > arguing that one should choose a language solely because of it's
> > popularity or rate of increase/decrease (and what's up with RPG having
> > the second fastest growth rate!?!).  Still, it's it provides another
> > viewpoint on 'the language wars'.
> Question is: is it a weapon or a view on language wars?
> I know a lot of programmers who are currently getting
> into python.  Python usage certainly isn't decreasing in
> my world.  I certainly don't take random job offers,
> advertisements or randomg google searches as a significant
> indicator especially for free software developments.
> But free softare actually *drives* the web and email networks
> which .Net & Java types are constantly *hyping* about.
> For a more serious source regarding my last statement
> look e.g. at:
> regards,
>     holger

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