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David LeBlanc <whisper at oz.net> wrote:
>> In the end, I request that you very capable Python experts give
>> me a way to
>> give my customers a 750 KB app.
>But Python isn't a major software company - it's better! Unlike a typical
Worth repeating.
		[lots more true stuff]
>It's simply not possible to deliver the power, expressiveness and
>flexibility of Python in 750kb including your app. There is no high level
>language that can do that when a GUI is included and the support code has to
>be included in the distribution.
>I think people here are ready to assist you in accomplishing what can be
>done, but don't have time to spend on what can't. I regret that the answer
>you want isn't the one that's available. YOU can give your customers a 750kb
>app (if you end up needing that much room!), but the support code is extra
>and there's no way around it no matter what avenue you take unless you're
>willing to put up with what Microsoft allows you.
Disclaimers:  I'm on record as regarding Python as the
single most broadly applicable language, I use Python
daily, I frequently publish Python-related articles.
Moreover, despite doing most of my own work through a
wimpy six-year-old modem that frequently runs around
14.4 K, I regard Python downloads as "modest".  It's Java
and Microsoft stuff that's gross--always 10 megabytes
and up.

HOWEVER, people with a serious interest in how to pack a
useful language, with good GUI capabilities (and get
portability and a fascinating database for free), on a
single floppy, should read about the Tcl-based Starkit
<URL: http://wiki.tcl.tk/starkit >.  Eventually I'll get
around to running a few magazine articles that coher-
ently present its wonders.

In the present case, my personal opinion is that Mr.
Skrzypinski will do fine with a conventional Python
application installer of not much over one megabyte,
or he could hire one of us to work out a simple compres-
sion scheme.

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