php vs python

Tiberius Teng u9300103 at
Wed Jan 8 11:35:54 CET 2003

Yar3k <programisci_listy at> wrote in message news:<4lvi1v43744lo82btdhkk928vf8db3i40n at>...
> >Be sure to check out Spyce ( if you want
> >to compare Python with PHP. :)
> Cheetah templates are even better. Check this

Cheetah isn't flexible enough to include a large chunk of pure Python
code ... Actaully I'm now developing a discussion forum using both
Spyce and Cheetah - with most request-handling code reside in Spyce
files. I use Cheetah templates to generate response HTML files from
the data that Spyce code made from request. I must admit that both of
them are really simple and flexible that made my work relatively easy.

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