Getting a kerberos ticket

Mike McGavin jester at
Wed Jan 29 21:44:03 CET 2003

Donn Cave wrote:

> | I actually managed to find Elliot Lee's krb5 module at 
> |, but I'm having a 
> | difficult time getting it to compile under NetBSD.  I'm not yet sure if 
> | it'll do what I want, but I'm hoping.

> That's interesting, I'll have to see what he's got.  NetBSD comes with
> Heimdal, as opposed to MIT, Kerberos5.  MIT and Heimdal aren't 100%
> compatible at the API level in my experience, that could be the problem.
> But you really do not need a Python krb5 module for this.

Thanks for all of your help, Don. I'll go and follow up on all of this 
and have a look at the keytab idea.


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