Can't Read a Lob via DCOracle2

Frederick Bartlett fbartletFIXIT at
Wed Jan 22 19:40:12 CET 2003

Gerhard (or anyone else):

Thanks for the advice -- I've gotten DCOracle2 correctly installed (I 
think), but still have lob troubles.

given the following:

import DCOracle2
db = DCOracle2.connect(<connectstring>)
c  = db.cursor()
c.execute("select <stuff> from <table>")
mylist = c.fetchall()

I get a list of lists such that mylist[n][5] is a "LobLocator object".

I can do, say, mylist[0][5].length() and get the length of the lob, but 
mylist[0][5].read() returns nothing (well, None).

I don't see any other method that might allow me to read my lobs via Python.

Am I missing something really obvious?


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