parameter/argument terminology

Laura Creighton lac at
Sun Jan 5 13:54:07 CET 2003

> In writing Python documentation for functions/methods, are the terms
> 'argument' and 'parameter' essentially interchangeable? Or is it true that
> parameter usually refers to the definition and argument to the call?

I think that this one is likely to be very regionally dependent. 
Such things fascinate me.  So I'll play ...

>     def myFunc(self, P1, P2):
>         print P1, P2             # P1 and P2 are parameters

or, 'formal parameters'.  But they aren't arguments.

>     def doSomething(self):
>         X = 'Hello '
>         Y = 'world'
>         self.myFunc(X, Y)        # X and Y are arguments

yes, but I also call them 'actual parameters', almost exclusively
when I want to contrast them with the 'formal parameters', or 'default
parameters' in the definition.

> Donnal Walter
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Laura Creighton  ... who wouldn't be surprised to see somebody who does
                 it precisely the other way around ....

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