Design By Contract in Python 2.4

yaipa h. yaipa at
Mon Jan 6 09:07:00 CET 2003


You can always brew your own. See,

Python Cookbook -- Using introspection to verify Eiffel 
like contracts (by Sébastien Keim) 
  This sample show how you can use intospection to create a 
  function wraper that verify Eiffel like ...

Python Cookbook -- eiffelmethod (by Andres Tuells) 
  An eiffel like method, with preconditions and 
  postconditions, in python2.2  


"Kevin Ethridge" <kevinethridge at> wrote in message news:<pO6S9.113295$6H6.3803900 at>...
> Just kidding :)
> Does anybody know if there are any plans for 'Eiffel style' DBC in Python?
> Kevin

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