Browser front-end, python back-end

Tim Lavoie tlavoie at
Tue Jan 28 23:00:48 CET 2003

>>>>> "Terry" == Terry Reedy <tjreedy at> writes:

    Terry> I have played several (turn-based) games (over the Intenet)
    Terry> that use a browser as a front end and I think it is a
    Terry> WRETCHED interface for the purpose.  With every move, the
    Terry> game board has to be download again.  The screen blinks,
    Terry> and the scroll bar jumps back up to the top.  I mostly
    Terry> quite playing them because they give me headaches.  Ugh.

Heh. I know what you mean. A web interface is nice for cases where the
location of the user is indeterminate, or the back end is, or as a
lowest-common-denominator. So, it works for Zope since the server
could be anywhere, and the CUPS printer-admin interface, since the
printers could be anywhere.

By the same token, the reasons you mention are precisely why I loathe
HTML-driven chat systems, when at the least, a Java applet is less
painful as a client. A decent local client is better yet, but not
always an option.

I finally went to the eye doctor.  I got contacts.  I only need them to
read, so I got flip-ups.
                -- Steven Wright

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