Python + PostgreSQL

David M. Cook davecook at
Wed Jan 8 02:51:04 CET 2003

In article <kp3co497bt.fsf at>, Jorge Godoy wrote:

> From what I've seen this is just a specification of what should be the
> syntax of the packages that implement database connections. As shown
> in there are some
> modules that can talk to PostgreSQL and are DB-SIG compliant. Is there
> one that is more commonly used? Or I can try and use any of those?
> From the description on the page above PyGresQL seems to be the one
> recommended... Am I wrong?

I would use the adaptor that comes with PostGreSQL (currently PyGreSQL) with
its DB API 2.0 compliant module (pgdb), and then switch to one of the other
DB API compliant adaptors if you outgrow that one.  PyGreSQL doesn't seem to
be getting much love these days from its developers and is quite far behind
the others (pyscopg and pyPgSQL).  Still, it is the default, you and your
users probably don't have to install anything extra to use it, and if you
stick to the pgdb module you probably won't have to change anything when
moving to another adaptor.

Dave Cook

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