How hard to allocate ALL Python data space (hence offset-based) in a memory mapped file image?

Fri Jan 3 11:54:02 CET 2003

On 19 Dec 2002 06:51:08 GMT, rumours say that bokr at (Bengt
Richter) might have written:

>Not that it already isn't in a memory mapped file or the equivalent as a
>byproduct of OS doings, but that's for swapping etc. I mean a file under
>control of the Python interpreter, to span all state-containing memory.
>(I don't mean a Python mmap per se, but an internal-to-the-interpreter
>use of the same mechanisms).

There are such mechanisms (I know the cpr[1] command in SGI Irix for
example, "checkpoint and restore for running processes), whose
experience has shown that it's possible even for multi-threaded
applications, as long as sockets are not used.

I think it would be feasible if Python was not stack based (ie, the
interpreter stack was actually a linked list in the heap, but ICBW)


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