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Lee Harr missive at
Sun Jan 26 23:59:17 CET 2003

In article <4sLY9.17$K84.1793197 at>, Byron Morgan:
> My project:
> An existing server taps the logged output of a real-time control system,
> making the data available via inet.
> Platform is Python 2.2.2 on W2k.
> My application (my first effort in Python) monitors the data stream,
> watching for critical events as well as maintaining status information on
> roughly 100 control subsystems. I have reached the point where it does this
> much pretty well, running all day. Next, I will add functions to send
> messages via various transports (e.g., pager, cellular text, instant
> mesaging) based on conditions and trends detected or analyzed.
> I am seeking input on whether I should build all into a single app, which
> may necessitate the use of threading, or use one or more companion apps to
> handle the notification stuff. If separate applications are used, how best
> to communicate (I assume sockets will do, but have no experience with this,
> or with threads).

Have you seen Twisted?

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