best college for computer science major

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Thu Jan 9 00:01:33 CET 2003

Sean wrote:

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> >what are the best colleges for those wanting to major in computer science
> The question is meaningless.  All undergrad CS is about the same.
> Differences in programs don't show themselves until you get to
> graduate level.

I beg to differ. I you will be taught by the idiot who had invented
Minix you can be screwed for Life :-)
It makes all the difference of that teachers you'd get.
Some people know how to design and implement systems and some
don't. Some teachers can sustain your interest in subject better than 
others. Some can teach better than others. It's just that simple.

If one is not suited for a job of a programmer then it might not make
a difference of what school you'd get into.
In short the choice of undergrad school could be very important.

Let me put it this way: if you can distinguish between competent
and incompetent instructor then it does not make as much of a difference
because you can ignore (or treat with extreme caution) information
coming from an incompetent source. But for that you have to know 
something. Therefore getting into a mediocre undergrad school
can be disastrous for someone who had a potential but not the knowledge
to weed out the chuff.

Yes, I meet incompetent instructors on regular basis.
They may be fine people, but incompetent nevertheless.
And some are persistent in their ignorance.
It's a big problem when you are taught by a confident ignoramus.

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