Python + PostgreSQL

Jorge Godoy godoy at
Tue Jan 7 18:51:34 CET 2003

Martin Christensen <knightsofspamalot-factotum at> writes:

> Yes, there's the DB API v. 2. I use that to interface with PostgreSQL
> from Python with great satisfaction. You can see the spec at

Martin, thanks for answering.

>From what I've seen this is just a specification of what should be the
syntax of the packages that implement database connections. As shown
in there are some
modules that can talk to PostgreSQL and are DB-SIG compliant. Is there
one that is more commonly used? Or I can try and use any of those?
>From the description on the page above PyGresQL seems to be the one
recommended... Am I wrong?

See you,
Godoy.     <godoy at>

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