Best Python Editor (under Linux)

Erik Max Francis max at
Fri Jan 3 11:49:31 CET 2003

Paddy wrote:

> Others are comfortable with emacs, another non-simple editor that
> repays the initial
> steeper learning curve by giving a rich environment. ( I hope I've
> succeeded in mentioning
> emacs without playing it down - I don't want to continue that war :-).

I also don't want to get into a vi vs. emacs war, but how does emacs
have a steeper learning curve, at least for just basic text editing
usage (creating files, opening files, editing files, saving files,
quitting)?  On the contrary, I think to a total neophyte vi is a lot
more intimidating:  You can't even start entering text unless you enter
a code first.  Modern graphical versions of emacs start you in a scratch
space and have menu bars that all you to open files, close files, exit
the editor, etc.

I obviously prefer emacs (I know just enough vi to be able to edit
configuration files on systems that for one reason or another don't have
emacs available), so I won't pretend I don't have a bias, but of all the
differences between vi and emacs, emacs having a steeper learning curve
doesn't seem right to me.  (It does have many, many more features than
vi, but you only need to learn the ones you plan to use.)

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