GUI toolkits

morden morden at
Thu Jan 9 21:03:46 CET 2003

Thomas Guettler wrote:

> morden schrieb:
> > Is there info availbale somewhere on the relative merits of tkinter
> > vs. pyGnome?
> I think comparing these makes no sense. Tkinter is for developing GUIs
> while Gnome is a desktop environment.
> You could compare tkinter, pyGtk and wxPython with each other.

I've meant Tkinter and pyGtk. But I see by now what Tkinter more popular
so I'll try to give it a try first.

> There are comparisons available, but I have no ULR right now.
> May favorit, if you want to develop for win32 and unix is wxPython.

Ok. I have a luxury to not care about win32 at this point.
And Tkinter seem to work on it also anyhow. Any selling points
for wxPython compared to Tkinter that you'd care to mention?

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