Best Python Editor (under Linux)

Paddy paddy3118 at
Thu Jan 9 19:37:55 CET 2003

Steve Holden wrote:
> "Peter Hansen" <peter at> wrote ...
>>Martin Christensen wrote:
> [editors, endlessly, again]
>>I'm sure they are highly effective for some people.  Not everyone
>>has need of such a large slate of features.  In fact, over the years
>>I've found I rely on fewer and fewer special functions in my editors,
>>and at this point I am so independent of any specific editor that I
>>find myself roughly as productive in any modern editor, using the tiny
>>subset of its features that I do, and yet more productive (because of
>>my approach to programming) than many other programmers.
> You have, of course, neatly encapsulated many of the advantages of being an
> old fart. Welcome to the club!
> ....and a Happy New Year to all my reader :0)
> regards

Whilst I too have many years of editing text files, it IS a young industry, you DO have to
keep abreast of the changes and in text editing I have been lucky in that my initial vi
knowledge is still relevant and can be enhanced when I move to elvis or vim.

Like Martin I suspect, solving the eight queens problem in a macro has nothing to do with
  text editing, but syntax highlighting, folding, template generation, auto indentation,
and others I think ARE the realms of a good text editor.

One feature that would be nice is multiple language syntax colouring for things like
embedded scripts in HTML or a python 'here document', ( <<! ...!), in a bash script. Is
this available in editors yet?

Thanks, Paddy.

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