Python vs. C++ Builder - speed of development

Nick Vargish nav at
Fri Jan 31 21:52:33 CET 2003

Mongryong <Mongryong at> writes:

> In the real world, it's the basis for applying practical solutions
> without having to prune the entire solution space.  That's the
> difference between a University computer science student and a local
> college programmer graduate.

I'm confused, which is which again?

I didn't take any formal programming courses after High School, but
judging by some of the people I've worked with who have CompSci
degrees... Well, let's just say I could have done much worse than


#  ||  version 0.2  ||  2003-01-07  ||  Feed this to your Python.
print reduce(lambda x,y:x+chr(ord(y)-1),'Ojdl!Wbshjti!=obwAqbusjpu/ofu?','')

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