Repositoryserver module

Tim Evans t.evans at
Sat Jan 18 12:00:37 CET 2003

andy <andy at> writes:

> Here's the repository server code I've been working on.
> After thinking a bit more about the name I chose, I now feel that
> Scoreboard or Whiteboard would be more appropriate.
> Please bear in mind that it's really *very* primitive at this time,
> and a bit shaky in (possibly many) places.  I've only just got my
> head around socket programming, so I've probably made some stupid
> blunders here and there.
> I have plans to build upon this to add features such as:
> authentication, security, pickling, persistency, separate
> name-spaces and so on.  The eval() style conversion of the request
> keys will be replaced with something less dangerous, or at least
> vetted for safety some how...

You may want to look at Pyro ( as a
high-level way of implementing this type of thing.  It would be a
simple way to implement all the things that you are thinking about
except for persistence.

Of course, doing it yourself can be fun too, and you can learn lots
about socket programming.

Tim Evans

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