Coding standard: Prefixing variables to indicate datatype

Martin Maney maney at
Mon Jan 20 16:29:30 CET 2003

Erik Max Francis <max at> wrote:
> Besides, if you don't like the syntax of JOINER.join(SEQUENCE), you can

As I have said already, I find it quite acceptable: as a native
speaker, reader, and writer of the hodgepodge called 'English', I'm
inured to such irregularities.  <wink>  I only disagree that it is
sensible (or rational, or rationally justifiable, or etc.) as anything
but a clever kluge - which it is.

> always just use the string.join(SEQUENCE, JOINER) function.

I guess I've never asked, and this does really cut to the heart of it. 
I understand that Python has been OO since the very beginning, so how
ever did it wind up with so many of the string-the-class's methods (and
a constructor or two) hidden in a module, anyway?

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