Learn about natural male enhancement (rra hc k )

Gerhard Häring gerhard.haering at gmx.de
Fri Jan 3 17:48:58 CET 2003

A. Lloyd Flanagan wrote:
> zbfkc at ktx.com wrote in message news:<Dz8R9.1104$Q81.3960 at nsw.nnrp.telstra.net>...
>> " . . . Basically, you can enhance any part of your
>> body with the proper exercise. We have done extensive
>> research and found exercises that are PROVEN to enlarge
>> your penis, increase stamina, STRAIGHTEN a curved penis,
>> stop premature ejaculations, and even cure Peyronies Disease . . ."
> First, this is way off topic.
> Second, all the guys on THIS list don't need enhancement, natural or otherwise.

I doubt trying to accomplish 'conversation' with a spammer has the
desired effect.

> Third, there are no muscles in the penis, so what are you going to exercise?

Be worried if there aren't ;-)

-- Gerhard

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