Is it advisable to replace 'self' with '_' or 'I' or something shorter?

Dan Schmidt dfan at
Mon Jan 13 16:54:03 CET 2003

Erik Max Francis <max at> writes:

| Dan Schmidt wrote:
| > I used to use _, but I decided to be a good citizen and use self
| > these days.  My main problem with self is not that it takes more
| > time to type but that it looks like just another word when I'm
| > scanning code, which distracts me from the 'real' variables.  So I
| > modifed my emacs python-mode so that self is displayed in a
| > different color, and I can deal with it a lot better now.
| Try getting the latest version of python-mode.el.  It already
| highlights `self' in this way.

I'm using python-mode 4.6 from <>
and it does not appear to highlight 'self'.  Is there a newer version
available, or am I missing something?



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