HELP! Must choose language!

laotseu bdesth at
Tue Jan 7 04:31:13 CET 2003

William Park wrote:
> Chewdip20 <chewdip20 at> wrote:


>  I get back to school the week after next, and I
>>want to have some intermediate knowledge of a language by then. I get
>>little time to do anything I want after school, and thus my chances to
>>further my knowledge of a language would be severly limited to
>>weekends, which are also packed for me. Basically, everyone, I need a
>>language, I need it fast.  Also, I have heard C and C++ are rough to
>>start with. Any truth to this?
> C++ takes years.  But, you can pick up C or Python in one week, and be
> comfortable in one month.

Be conmfortable with C in one month ? Only learning it on spare time ? 
Seems a bit short to me !...


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