Novel Thoughts on Scripting and Languages

Grant Edwards grante at
Thu Jan 9 21:59:35 CET 2003

In article <52719db8.0301082259.535824a4 at>, James Huang wrote:

> Allow me to give my non-scientific definition of scripting language:
> Scripting (in programming sense)
> is to do things easily, intuitively, obviously, and accurately, so
> much so that when another person (with the same domain knowledge) sees
> a chunk of code, he immediately understands it without even a hint of
> reasoning (ideally).

I don't think that's a common definition of "scripting". I'd
say that what you stated above is (or should be) a goal for any
programming language of any type.

I would define scripting as writing a program to automate a
repetative task that might normally done manually (via a series
of GUI point and click operations or a series of manually
entered shell commands).

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