how to submit a patch?

Gerhard Häring gerhard.haering at
Sat Jan 4 00:08:27 CET 2003

Grant Edwards wrote:
> I know how to create the patch, and I've been to the Python
> patch manager page at SF.  
> Using the SF patch manager, how do you submit a patch?
> IOW, where is the "submit patch" button hidden?

First, you need to log in.

Then, on the 'Patches' page, there's a link, 'Submit New'.

If you go there, fill out the obvious fields and checkboxes, until you
get to these nonobvious ones:

Check to Upload and Attach a File [ ]
[                    ] [Browse]

You *need* to check the "Check to ..." checkbox, then use the 'Browse'
button to upload your file.

If you don't check the checkbox, your upload won't appear.


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