Jython/Python Libs

TimC tim at nowhere.com
Tue Jan 7 14:42:29 CET 2003

Terry Hancock wrote:
> Terry Hancock wrote:
>>Ideally I'd also catch the few cases of modules which don't work correctly
>>for language compatibility regions, but I know that can be pretty subtle.
> Um, that's supposed to read "reasons" not "regions" in case anyone was 
> confused.
Hi Terry
I don't think that this is as simple as it sounds: Jython comes with 
different *versions* of some standard libararies and therefore behaves 
differently from Python distributions (I've noted this in relation to 
XML where jython has some old modules from PyXML that aren't in a 
standard Python release and don't work the same as the more recent PyXML 
  - try looking at the DefaultHandler in saxutils).

Also, I don't think that there are regression tests for the various 
libraries that can be run in a standard way (unfortunately).

(it looks to me pretty much like you are trying to do some of what I was 
looking for in my post of 2/1/03


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