Doesn't work (was: Re: httplib won't accept URL with parameters (???))

Phillip ritschratsch at
Fri Jan 10 01:20:16 CET 2003

pythonhda schrieb:
 > If you can upgrade go ahead. If you're running redhat 7.x it usesv1.5 
 >for example) and you *might* mess up your configuration if you upgrade 
 >*but* you can install python v2.x with an executable name "python2" 
 >(that's what the
 >v2.2.1 RPMs did for me).
 > Now about the HTTP class. I only have it to be backwards compatible 
 >with v1.5 (that's what __doc__ string says). There's no mention of it
 >in my library reference. So what *I* would do is upgrade to 2.2.x

THat's what I just did.

 >making sure that it won't screw up my installation

Let's hope so ;-).

 >and then use the >HTTPConnection class becuase that is
 >what is in use now.

I don't quite get the documentation on how I'm supposed to tackle this.
HTTPConnection has different parameters (3 instead of 2) and some other 
issues that aren't *that* well dosumented. From what I gather I just 
can't change the constructor and be done with it....
A, well, we'll see.

 > You could also take a look at your current documentation to see if 
 >you're doing something wrong.

It works! With URLs *without* special characters other than "/". That 
seems to be the whole problem.

 > I hope that helps.
Yeah, it did. I might need some more! :-)


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