passig lifetime control to C++

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Mon Jan 20 22:19:38 CET 2003

"jochen" <jochen.heckl at> wrote in message
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> I have class EventQueue that takes control over the lifetime of Events
> that are passed to it. Now I wan't to export this functionality to
> python using boost_python.

It's better to ask boost_python questions in c++-sig mailing list.

> int EventQueue::PostEvent( Event* i_pEvent )
> to python, how do I keep Python from deleting the Event after the
> script has finished? Can this be done with call policies ?

By default it will create new Event object with Event(*i_pEvent), so you can
delete it.
If you expose it as
.def("PostEvent", &EventQueue::PostEvent, with_custodian_and_ward<1,2>())
then Event will not be deleted while EventQueue is alive.

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