saving Tix ComboBox dropdowns

gcash gcash at
Wed Jan 1 23:33:36 CET 2003

support @ (Mike Clarkson) writes:

> I'm not sure why  you are trying to do what you are trying to do

Well, set things up so that when the user starts the program up, the
dropdowns are still there, and not blank.  They're entries where it's
pretty much the same picklist all the time, so you type it in once, then
just pick it the rest of the time.  In this app, it probably won't grow to
more than a dozen entries.

> but I think you want the validatecmd command option
> which is called before an entry is added to the listbox:

Right, and the new entry obviously isn't part of the list then, so the list
isn't complete.

I seem to have solved the problem by doing a self.update() in the "command"
callback, that seems to work so that when the <FocusOut> happens, the
dropdown list is complete, and I can shelve it.

Thanks anyway, and Happy New Year.


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