[ann] Minimal Python project

holger krekel pyth at trillke.net
Fri Jan 10 09:41:21 EST 2003

Minimal Python Discussion, Coding and Sprint

We announce a mailinglist dedicated to developing
a "Minimal Python" version.  Minimal means that
we want to have a very small C-core and as much
as possible (re)implemented in python itself.  This
includes (parts of) the VM-Code.  

Building on the expected gains in flexibility
we also hope to use distribution techniques such 
as PEP302 to ship only a minimal set of modules 
and load needed modules on demand.

As Armin Rigo of PSYCO fame takes part in the effort,
we are confident that MinimalPython will eventually
run faster than today's CPython.

And because Christian Tismer takes part, we are
confident that we will find a radical enough
approach which also fits Stackless :-)

We are very interested in learning about and
integrating prior art.  And in hearing any
doubtful or reinforcing opinions.  Expertise
is welcomed in all areas.

So if you have an interest or even code regarding
'minimal python' please join the list:


discussions previously took place on python-de and
in private mails.  We will repost some core 
ideas (in english) for further discussion.

In a few months we'd like to do a one-week
Sprint in Germany focusing on releasing first
bits of Minimal Python.

best wishes, 
    Armin Rigo, 
    Christian Tismer, 
    Holger Krekel

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