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Sat Jan 11 21:49:42 CET 2003

Erik Max Francis <max at>:

>Steve Hunt wrote:
>> Well that's not really what qua means.  It means "in the role of".
>And it's one of those fancy Latin words that's only used in very limited
>circumstances.  The only uses I've seen are _sine qua non_ ("without
>which, not") and _X qua X_ (with X being the same word both before and

There is a qua clause in Simula 67, a kind of class cast, so to speak.

<ref expr> qua <class name>

first asserts that <ref expr> is indeed a valid reference of an
instance of <class name> or a subclass of <class name>, and then
returns an expression of type ref(name).  In combination with inspect
it allowes late binding in an otherwise statically typed language.

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