Distributing Python apps

Chris Liechti cliechti at gmx.net
Sun Jan 5 04:15:29 CET 2003

"Norman Skrzypinski" <zypin at sympatico.ca> wrote in
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> David LeBlanc wrote:
>> In the end, it's up to you as to whether or not you want to take a
>> lot longer to develop the same app in VB or C++ compared to the
>> relatively minor
>> inconvenience of a slightly longer d/l time for your users. IMO,
>> Python is the clear winner.


> In the end, I request that you very capable Python experts give me a
> way to give my customers a 750 KB app.

you seem to ignore that VB uses a runtime that is around 1MB for the latest 
version... many users have that runtime installed, but you cant be sure so 
you have to deliver it. that makes at least 1.75MB for your app.


and if you use extra activex controls thats adds up again.

> That's not too much to ask, I think.  It's been done, by every other
> major software company.

well, most applications you pay for are much larger than 750kB.

you can have Python starting form 400kB (compressed) then every extension 
module you use adds a bit and a huge amount of space can be used by GUIs. 
that depends on the GUI lib you decide to use if you use win32all (or 
ctypes but thats not easy to use for GUI) it won't add too much. 1.75MB 
will be possible, i think.

but honestly, who cares how big it is? up to 5MB is small for todays 
software and i would't care up to that number. 

Chris <cliechti at gmx.net>

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