Copyright on the Python and Python-console icons?

Tim Peters at
Thu Jan 16 05:26:23 CET 2003

[Tim Peters]
> Whether any entity in the US apart from the government can
> meaningfully put something in the public domain appears to have
> the legal answer "no", according to one US lawyer who researched
> the issue.  Businesses and individuals supposedly can't disclaim
> copyright (the meaning of "public domain" -- nobody holds copyright)
> even if they want to.

[Erik Max Francis]
> Uh, where in the world do you get this idea?

Which one?  The definition of public domain is conventional.  The rest is
from private communication with a Famous IP Lawyer during Python's licensing
struggles, and I don't have permission to repeat that here.  Talk to a
lawyer if you care a lot:  it's a question of law, with lots of arguments on
both sides.  Creative Commons is on the "sure you can" side of it:

Lawrence Rosen (the Open Source Initiative's lawyer) is on the "not a
chance" side of it; e.g.,

An insufferably long scholarly piece arguing all sides:

Alas, it isn't open to Usenet debate, so I'm out of this now <wink>.

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