Feeding commands to a remote python program versus using CORBA

morden morden at shadows.net
Thu Jan 16 03:21:02 CET 2003

Mike Meyer wrote:

> morden  writes:
> >I need to ditch ILU in a portion of our system (it's buggy). I'm
> >torn between replacing ILU with something like OmniORB and embedding
> >a python interpreter into the server (written in C++ unfortunately)
> >and have it invoked in a fashion similar to that of telnetd. Corba
> >seems like an overkill but making function wrappers for what are
> >corba method implementations on server seems like more more.
> >It's just a simple client->server subsystem, no fancy replication and
> >distribution stuff.
> >
> >Any thoughts on this?
> My experiments - see
> show that CORBA is lighter weight than a Python interpreter. Wrapping
> the objects and methods up to export to the two is about the
> same. Going with CORBA gives you the advantage that you can use
> whatever your favorite language is on the client side, even if that
> isn't Python.

I won't be using python on the client side. I don't see why should I. I 
plan to embed python commands in C++ on the client side.

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