Python use growing or shrinking

Brandon Van Every vanevery at
Thu Jan 23 02:39:21 CET 2003

Alan James Salmoni wrote:
> It is also possible that the way in which a language operates is an
> important factor: With Python, there is little need for third party
> vendors as it comes with so much in the basic installation, and its
> ease of learning reduces the need for courses.

I'm not buying that argument.  Python clearly doesn't have as much mindshare
as Java or C#.  There's a very simple reason for that: Java has the
marketing power of Sun behind it, C# has the marketing power of Microsoft
behind it.  Who's championing Python?  Python is just part of the balkanized
freeware language landscape.  Until a giant corporation gets behind it, it
can only grow by grassroots.

Suggestion: convince IBM that it wants to use Python for everything.

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